by Kathy Vincent

Have you ever noticed how the elderly often intrigue preschoolers? I love to watch young children around older people and see them react. Psalm 63:4 says this: “I will praise you as long as I live and in Your name, I will lift up my hands.” What a great verse to teach to your little ones to show how some of the different Bible characters lived many years here on earth and they chose to praise God as long as they lived. This is a great way to help develop faith. Try this fun Bible school activity to teach your children this important truth:

Here’s what you do:
Below, I have provided you with a list of 10 different Bible characters that you will want to find pictures of. You should be able to easily find these pictures in a child’s Bible or even online as coloring pages. I suggest you use ones that are in color to help keep your class’ interest. Remember to laminate them for long-term use.

Now say the following to your children: Boys and girls, do you know someone really, really old? (Wait for responses.) Do you know what we should do when we are young and when we are old? We should praise God! Our Bible verse today says: “I will praise you as long as I live…” That might be a really long time for some of us. Let’s learn about some Bible people who lived a super long time and praised God all of their lives.

Who knows who this is? (Hold up one of the pictures and let the children try and guess). Help them out if needed. Give them a short explanation of who each person is. After discussing each Bible person briefly, say, “(Abraham – or whoever you are talking about) praised God as long as he lived. Next, pick a child in the class and say, “(Morgan), will you praise God as long as you live? Encourage a positive response. Go to the next Bible person and repeat the steps until everyone has been chosen at least once to respond to your question.

Bible School Activity: Abraham Praised God in His Old Age
1. Adam (205) The first man that God created. He lived in the Garden of Eden with Eve. He named all the animals.
2. Methuselah (969) The oldest man in the Bible.
3. Noah (950) God called Noah to build an ark to save anyone who believed in God and many animals from the flood that covered the whole world.
4. Abraham (205) God gave Abraham the promise that he would be a great nation through his son Isaac.
5. Sarah (127) Sarah was the mother of Isaac. When God told her that she would have a baby in her old age, she laughed.
6. Jacob (147) Jacob had a wonderful dream of angels going up and down a ladder from Heaven. He also wrestled with God and was the father of Joseph.
7. Joseph (110) Joseph received a beautiful coat from his father, Jacob. His brothers became very jealous and sold him into slavery. God used Joseph to save his family from a bad famine.
8. David (97) When David was a shepherd boy, he slew the giant, Goliath, with his slingshot. He wrote many psalms in the Bible and he became the king of Israel.
9. Solomon (60) Solomon was David’s son. He built the temple of God just the way God asked him to. Solomon was very wise.
10. Daniel (90’s) Daniel was a man who prayed to God. He was thrown into a lion’s den because he worshiped God, but God saved him.

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