7 Truths For Transforming a Community

The Great Commission is a commitment to connect. We are responsible to engage families in our community by building loving relationships as bridges along which the grace and glory of God can flow. And God helping us, we will do so.

We cannot be the cure to the world’s ills when we are infiltrated by the world’s disease. We accept God’s call to be separated from sin and to be set apart to God and for his purposes. Only then will God inhabit us, filling us with his presence and power.
God helping us, we will be holy.

As we embrace the world, Jesus himself goes with us and in us. And whatever he did in his physical body, he will still do through his corporate body, the church. He is the Almighty God; and as we represent him, we expect him to endorse his message through us by means of God-sized answers to prayer and works of wonder. And God helping us, God will!

God’s desire is to create on this earth amongst his people the perfect fellowship that Father and Son enjoy in heaven. We commit to enter into the Father and the Son, and to join hearts with each other to become, in real-time, a community of profound grace and overflowing love — a vision so compelling that people are drawn irresistibly to the heart of God at its core.

God so loved the world that at countless cost, he met her need. Loving acts open hearts to hope and to hunger. As we practice discerning love, we will meet at neighbors at the point of their felt needs—and in the process draw them to the One who meets all our needs and completes us perfectly.

We will engage in specific and strategic prayer for our neighbors and our neighborhood. For we understand that whatever two or three agree as touching anything on earth, it is done for them in the name of Jesus. And when the whole church agrees, we can rewrite the history of entire communities and regions.

Recreating Eden in Our Own Backyard: – In the spirit of “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” we will strive to build a community in which everyone is family; in which love reigns supreme; in which, in the words of the old sitcom, “everybody knows your name”.

Boots on the Ground, 7 Principles