Today is Holocaust Memorial Day ✡️ [Yom HaShoah]
– During this Biblical Year of 5782, this holiday began on Wednesday, 27 April 2022 and ends at nightfall on Thursday, 28 April 2022 – according to Heb Cal. (NOTE: International Holocaust Remembrance Day was on Thursday, January 27, 2022)

“Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day”, known colloquially in Israel and abroad as Yom HaShoah (יום השואה) and in English as Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Holocaust Day. It is observed as Israel’s day of commemoration for the approximately 6,000,000 Jews and 5,000,000 others who perished in the Holocaust as a result of the actions carried out by the Nazi party and its accessories. And, for the Jewish resistance in that period. (History forgotten is soon repeated. Don’t forget.)

* Hitler also had a final solution for the >destruction of Christians<. Documents that have come to light in the past 20 years reveal that: “In 2002, a Jewish student uncovered a report from the Nuremberg trials in the 1940s. The report was called: The Nazi Masterplan, the Persecution of the Christian Churches. It laid out a step-by-step plan to de-Christianize Germany… ‘Take over the churches from within.’ ‘Discredit, jail, or kill Christian leaders.’ ‘Re-indoctrinate the congregants.’ Give them a new faith in Germany’s Third Reich.'” ** By the way, we see a lot of similar ideology has been happening in America, but now it is a globalist liberal reich. A reich for the hedonistic, sexually immoral, gender-confused, post-human, post-truth, post-biblical, Babylon-istic throng.

Who did they worship?

Hitler worship became bolder and bolder. Nazi newspaper publisher Julius Streicher said with passion, “It is only on one or two exceptional points that Christ and Hitler stand comparison. For Hitler is far too big a man to be compared with one so petty. Our Fuhrer is the intermediary between his people and the throne of God. Everything the Fuhrer utters is religion in the highest sense.” In time, the Nazis would build their own Church without ministers but instead have party spokesmen; and the Bible would be replaced with Mien Kampf. Hitler established his own 12 Commandments.

No, the Nazis were not confessing Christians. They were building a pagan religion built on German mythology and Hitler’s demagoguery.

As we see today, words were being re-defined. Hans Kerrl, the Nazi Minister for Church Affairs, was very clear when he explained:
“The [Nazi] Party stands on the basis of Positive Christianity, and positive Christianity is National Socialism … National Socialism is the doing of God’s will … God’s will reveals itself in German blood … [Theologians] have tried to make clear to me that Christianity consists in faith in Christ as the son of God. That makes me laugh… No, Christianity is not dependent upon the Apostle’s Creed … True Christianity is represented by the [Nazi] Party, and the German people are now called by the Party and especially the Fuehrer to a real Christianity … the Fuehrer is the herald of a new revelation.” What Hitler called Positive Christianity “[was] an entirely new religion, whereby Hitler, and German history, more broadly, becomes a vehicle for divine revelation.”

Hitler vs. Jesus. Luther was misused and distorted to create “the gospel of the Germanic race.” His theology was all but forgotten, but his proud German heritage and diatribes calling for severe persecution of the Jews, even death, were used to create a gospel where Hitler replaced Jesus, and the cross was discarded for the swastika.

Public holiday

In conclusion, In Israel, Yom HaShoah is a national memorial day and public holiday. It was inaugurated in 1953, anchored by a law signed by the Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion and the President of Israel Yitzhak Ben-Zvi. It is held in the Biblical month Nisan, on the 27th of Nisan (April/May), unless the 27th would be adjacent to the Biblical 7th-day Sabbath, in which case the date is shifted by a day.