Thank you, everyone, for your help with the Mt. Vernon parsonage project, at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, Lubbock Texas.

We are getting closer every day. The bathrooms, which involved more work than we anticipated, are nearing completion. Nearly all of the painting has been finished, and we should have the flooring in on Friday. We could use some volunteers in the next couple of days to help with clean up and a few minor projects.

Pastor Quinton Gibson Sr. will arrive to unload his belongings on Friday evening. He will likely stay in a hotel Friday and Saturday nights before returning to Temple on Sunday afternoon with his son. He will return to Lubbock on July 4th to move in.

For those of you delivering furniture, it would be best to coordinate a Friday afternoon or Saturday delivery. Monday or Tuesday of next week might be even better.

The Mt. Vernon church is planning a celebration to thank the volunteers and to have a “blessing of the home”. We will contact you when details have been set.

If you have volunteers or staff available to help the next couple of days or need to coordinate a delivery, Charlie Brown from Oakwood church is the main contact. His cell # is 806-789-0791.

Thank you all again for all you have done to make this possible. ~ Don

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