Hunting for ABC’s in a Bible Story by The Scripture Lady
– by Kathy Vincent

It is so much fun to watch little children learn their ABC’s. And it’s even a bigger blessing to watch them learn about God’s wonderful stories in the Bible. Hunting for ABC’s in a Bible story is a great way to combine both activities.

For this fun Bible game for preschoolers, you will want to pick a Bible story that you would like to share. Here is a list of stories that you could choose from to get you started:

– The Story of Creation
– The Story of Adam and Eve
– The Story of Noah and the Flood
– The Tower of Babel
– God Calls Abraham
– Isaac Gets Married
– Jacob Tricks His Father
– Jacob Dreams of a Ladder to Heaven
– Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors

Pick one or more of these stories, then find one or more Bible story pictures that you know will really delight your children. Try to find pictures that have various objects in the background. Everything in the picture is “up for grabs” while hunting for ABC’s in a Bible story.

You can find a LOT of great Bible story pictures online by typing the title of the story into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Next, print off at least TWO copies of the picture. One picture will be shown to your children while you tell the Bible story. The other pictures will be used to cut out the different objects that are found in the story.

You will also want a poster showing all the ABC’s. As a child finds an object in the picture, you will let him have the “cut out” picture and place it on the correct letter of the alphabet.

After telling the story, say to your children, “We are now going hunting for ABC’s in a Bible story!” Point out all the different objects that are in the story. Say their words and help the children figure out the beginning sound and letter of each object.

For example, I went online and found a great picture for the story of “Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors.” The picture I found has quite a few objects. Included are: Joseph, coat, sandals, shepherd’s staff, belt, birds, trees, sheep, grass and hills. All of these words give us the letters J, C, S, B, T, G and H. Woohoo!

Now, it’s your turn to pick a Bible story and find some great pictures so that your little ones can go hunting for ABC’s in a Bible story!

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Kathy Vincent is the director of children’s ministry, “The Scripture Lady.” For over 2 decades, she has creatively shared the Bible to thousands of children through toe-tapping Bible songs, engaging Bible review games and captivating object lessons that all point to Jesus!

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