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On Monday morning, volunteers at Oakwood United Methodist Church, Lubbock Texas, helped load 271 “flood buckets”. The buckets came from area churches, such as Oakwood, Hereford, Muleshoe, Earth & Lakeridge (Lubbock District)! The buckets were shipped to Midland that afternoon.

We even had a guy that was simply walking down the street that decided to come and help load buckets. There really are angels walking among us, right.

Following descriptions borrowed from

“Flood Bucket” outreach ministry provides pre-assembled flood relief buckets to flood and hurricane survivors as part of a disaster preparedness plan.

The project calls for “Flood Relief” buckets to be assembled and then shipped to central warehouse locations for easy distribution following a disaster. Local congregations in the disaster-affected areas serve as the key distribution point in their communities with a special focus on those who may be shut in or otherwise unable to provide for themselves.

As part of the project, each congregation, district or group fills empty 5-gallon buckets with items from a suggested list. The items are purchased locally and/or donated by the members of the congregation or group.

The “Flood Relief” project provides cleaning supplies for those affected by flooding across the United States. Flood relief buckets are assembled by volunteers and include basic cleaning supplies that are needed to begin home clean up following a flood or hurricane.

These 5-gallon containers cost around $5 each (lid included) and double as a sturdy cleaning bucket. Each bucket holds cleaning supplies.

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