Digital online ministry is an important part of modern society. We have websites, tweety-posts, face-pages, blogs, podcasts, etc. All serve a purpose in our internet-connected world. We can even have the Bible on our phones, tablets, watches, laptops. (By the way, my favorite Bible app is definitely the YouVersion Bible app.)

In modern times, every church and every ministry group needs at least a website. Without an online presence, churches nowadays will have trouble growing and serving. Even better is a church that has a website and a social media account. In a world where the vast majority of people always have at least a mobile phone within arms reach, each church can reach out to the world in ways that were not possible 20 or even 10 years ago.

I pray for churches that don’t yet have a “digital ministry team”. There are many talented people sitting in their pews every Sunday, and maybe even Youtube-ing church events. There are website experts, social media power-users, podcast junkies, etc. right there inside the church already. These members may not even realize that the church is in need of their talents. But, if church leadership voices a need for a particular talent, these members will step up.

For our visitors and members at Oakwood United Methodist Church here in Lubbock, Texas, that don’t know yet; we do have a “digital ministry team”. Point your cell phone, tablet, or computer to and and communicate or just find out what events and activities are going on. If you missed a Sunday service, you can watch it from our website.

Speaking of talent that is already sitting in the pews, the following was in the church bulletin handout this past Sunday morning:
– Welcome Tommy Linsley to our OUMC team as our website designer.
– Thank you to Shelli Williams as our Facebook Administrator.

Of course, we do thank our members who take care of all the other important offline and business duties. They are the ones that truly keep the Church running. We have a multitude of talented people from all walks of life.