49,000 times a month, people in the United States search Google for “what is the meaning of life”.  All those people are searching Google, instead of opening a Bible.  There’s a “playbook for life”, some of us call it The Bible.  Sadly, not everyone knows to read this instruction manual called the Bible.

At Oakwood UMC, we want to help seekers find the answers they need.   So, we’ve begun a social media outreach partnership with Christian Vision (CV) Outreach.  Christian Vision was founded as an international charity in 1988.  The purpose is to help those that are asking questions about life, and those who need some direction and are seeking a better way.

The following is from an article at the CV Outreach blog (please click to read the full blog post):

Who Are Seekers?
We call the people who are googling these types of phrases “Seekers”. If you’re new here, it’s the mission of CV Outreach to connect Seekers with the church, as we believe the church is uniquely positioned to lead people towards the Gospel. Seekers are googling all sorts of other questions as well, to be sure. There are many of other Seeker keyword searches that are applicable to a strategic outreach strategy, but “meaning” searches are always trending at the top.