Update:  Members class was updated in May 2018 with new study materials. Please see this updated post to learn about the new curriculum.

Family-time is when we kick our shoes off, relax with a cup of java, share life with others… What about our Spiritual Family? Let’s Talk about it on Sundays at the 10:00 a.m. during Sunday School hour. The new members class meets in the Pastor’s Study in the church office adjacent to the sanctuary Worship Center. We will be using the Bible, short vignettes, and Christianity’s Family Tree Participants Guide. Here is an excerpt from our study guide by Adam Hamilton:

In this book we will study our family in the faith. Going through its pages will be a lot like attending a family reunion. We will be getting to know some strange cousins in whose presence we might initially feel a bit uncomfortable. We will wonder what our connection is to these folks. In the end, though, as we look at the various branches of Christianity, we will come to see that we share one Father, one Lord and Savior, and one Holy Spirit— we are family. And if we take the time to listen to our family, we will come to know God, and ourselves, a bit better. Hamilton, Adam. Christianity’s Family Tree Participant’s Guide: What Other Christians Believe and Why (p. 12); Abingdon Press; Kindle Edition.

Hope you will join us! See you in Church on Sunday!