by Lewis E. Thomas
2/14/2018 / Poetry


If you are a Christian you have at some point known a seemingly hopeless cycle of sin!
Remember how you were repeatedly failing as you tried to conquer sin?

You had become victorious over all but that one last sin/weakness in your flesh!
It defeated you over and over again, keeping you locked into a cycle of death!

You would promise God and yourself, “I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!”
But your flesh “failed you” and you would commit that same sin over and over again!

If that’s you now, don’t despair, for the Bible shows us there is hope for you!
Listen closely and you will learn exactly what to do!

Remember the story of GOLIATH who mocked the Army of Israel day after day?
Remember how King Saul and his soldiers let this carnal Giant keep them at bay?

For days they were caught in A HOPELESS CYCLE OF SIN!
In their own eyes and own power there was just no way to win!

They faced the same Trial and Test over and over again!
That GIANT that challenged “them” is just like your “undefeated” sin!

David unlike King Saul went out against GOLIATH in the name of The ANCIENT OF DAYS!
David showed the MIGHTY GOLIATH the error of his ways!

David knew he couldn’t whip this Giant in his life without “giving the battle to God”!
So, don’t think that hopeless cycle of sin your in is something new or odd!

Little David passed his test quickly as he turned the fight “completely over to his God” that day!
We should remember “that” every time we get down on our knees to pray!

We must give “every battle” to God if we want to spiritually win!
Or we will “remain in bondage” to A HOPELESS CYCLE OF SIN!

Should we attain such spiritual heights as Paul by perseverance and good measure!
God will humble us with a “thorn in the flesh” lest we become exalted above measure!

Lewis E.Thomas
As given by God on 2/14/2018