The Ryan Marcum’s are moving to Spain on July 17, 2018

You have been so supportive and loving through this process we want to say thank you again and want to see as many of you as possible before we leave. So we will be having a kind of going away/thank you/goodbye celebration party on July 13, 2018, at

Sugar Brown’s Coffee
(the corner of 10th & Ave. T)
7:00 pm—9:00pm

Please stop by if you can. We would love to say thank you and goodbye in person.

This is such a bittersweet moment because we are extremely thrilled and excited to start this new journey and do the work of God has called us to do. But, we are also very sad to have to be so far away from our home and so many amazing friends and family. Please, be praying for us as we go through this transition, and as we are navigating quite a wide range of feelings and emotions.

For now, we want to say THANK YOU, we appreciate all your prayers and support, and hope to see you before we leave.

Ryan Marcum and Family