Now available: a digital, downloadable version of the 2018 Photo Album containing our congregation members at Oakwood United Methodist Church, Lubbock Texas.  It is titled: “Stronger In Christ Together”.  (It was a labor of love; it took many hours to compile into a downloadable form with a clickable glossary.).  The digital version of the 2018 photo album has a clickable glossary of names.  Click here to open the digital version (or right-click and “save as” to download and keep your own digital copy).

Once you download this digital version of the photo album, you can search the glossary of names (in the glossary section below all the photos).  Click on a name, and it will jump to that person’s photo.  [NOTE: not all church members chose to include their photo in our album .]

FYI:  I originally created this digital version for myself.  It’s hard for me to remember names, so I need a photo reminder to help jog my memory.  Now, I want to share this memory tool with everyone else.  Hope it helps and blesses you as much as it helps and blesses me when I can put a name with a face.  “Stronger In Christ Together”

Did you miss a service? Watch it here online [Youtube Channel link]. A service archive for our home-bound members or anyone who wants to watch our services and activities online for Oakwood United Methodist Church, Lubbock Texas. (2215 58th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79412 [Google Maps link])

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