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Update: We have an update about our blessing box (on the East end of the church). One of the many people who have benefited from our blessing box has left us a heart-felt note inside: “Thank you so much for your love. This helped me so much. God Bless All of you! Chris”.

(Another update)  Here are the items that are most needed at this moment:  tomato sauce, sugar, coffee, tea, cereal, oatmeal, syrup, toothpaste, shampoo, wipes, travel-size toiletries.

Blessing Box, Food, Bibles, Toiletries at Oakwood United Methodist Church, Lubbock Texas

Blessing Box, Food, Bibles, Toiletries at Oakwood United Methodist Church, Lubbock Texas

Please see below, for the items that are needed in our Blessing Box:
The Blessing Box is located on the East end of the church, beside the drive-through awning. Tell anyone interested that they are free to donate and place items inside the box for those in need. If interested donors need the address, the church address is Oakwood United Methodist Church, 2215 58th St., Lubbock, Texas 79412 (Google Maps link). The church office phone # 806-792-3321.


– Fruit cocktail
– Milk (condensed)
– Milk (powdered)
– Soups
– Tomato sauce
– Tuna
– Vegetables


– Beans
– Jell-o
– Jiffy (corn bread, buscuits)
– Mac & cheese
– Package (taco seasoning, gravy)
– Ramen noodles
– Rice
– Spaghetti
– Sugar


– Bisquick
– Cereal
– Oatmeal
– Syrup

Toiletries (travel-size):

– Deodorant
– Shampoo
– Soap
– Toothpaste

Baby Items:

– Baby wipes
– Diapers

As you remember food for the body, don’t forget food for the soul!  Small bibles are great.

If you have any ideas, let me know.  The Blessing Box is for all of us.

Thanks, Ruth Frith.

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Missed a Service ??

Click to watch it online at Sunday Traditional Services Archive page. A Sunday service archive for our home-bound members or anyone who wants to watch the Sunday services online.
Mens Tuesday Morning Bible Study, The Circle Maker, Oakwood UMC Lubbock Texas Men’s Bible study, every Tuesday morning @ 6:30 am. Donuts and Coffee (maybe even kolaches). Meeting in Overton Hall (west end of Oakwood UMC Lubbock complex).  (Click For Details) This session, we are studying “The Circle Maker: Legend of Honi’s Prayers” by Pastor Mark Batterson. Here’s a quote from that book:
“Drawing prayer circles around our dreams isn’t just a mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God. It’s a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us.”

Wednesday Night Dinner

Every Wednesday @ 6 pm. Potluck style meal.
Bring your friends and family.

Hearing Devices

There are hearing devices available for the hearing impaired. Please find an usher and they will be happy to assist you with obtaining one.

Prayer Chain

If you are in need of a prayer, please contact the church office. We will put you on our Prayer Chain. (806) 792-3321

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